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Monday, June 22, 2009

It's Here!!

Finally, it is finished!

My first full-length, Christian Life Coaching book is finished!

And I have to give all credit and glory to the Lord, my Father in Heaven who wanted this book written in the first place! Without the power of the Holy Ghost I'm sure I'd be crying in my closet somewhere!

To order this title, check out my publisher supported EStore
To order other titles by my publisher, Destination Publications check out my temporary page
"Soon" the official Destination Publications web site will be available. I'll give you the link now, so you can keep checking back.
ALL (100%) of the proceeds from Father, Brother, Lover, Friend: Finding "The One" remain with Destination Publications and the parent non-profit company Destination Christian Services, Inc. to cover our "A.I.M. 4 Kenya" Missionary project which sends personal care items, customized study booklets and purchases bibles for refugee women and teens in Nairobi, Kenya through the Angaza International Ministries and Pastor Isaac Andeche.
Currently we are trying to ship two 35lb boxes of supplies over for $200 each. If you would like to donate please see our charitable giving site: Hip2Give
Finally, the book is the primary subject matter for the "Relationship of Love" tour - coming to a city in a state near you throughout 2009 & 2010. To find a tour near you, purchase tickets, buy the book or find out about prizes and gifts check out my personal ministry site: GetLifeRightNow!
The first date is July 10, 2009 at the Sacramento Convention Center!!
Please pray for me...
Power, love & peace -
~Min. Dez

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